Kids, Soda At Will, Overnight At a Funplex

My ex & I sponsored an overnight b'day party at a place for kids w/ a 2 story thing of tubes, nets, & rooms w/ hundreds of balls. The thought was "they'll tire out in no time!" & we all will just sleep on the mats. Well, that might have been possible if there was not a soda fountain for the kids which was at their whim! This part of the planning of the party was unknown to me & as soon as I saw that I suspected this will be hell!

It was the first time I saw the mixing of all the flavors in one cup. These were termed as "suicides". There was no rest to be had that night, as I was on patrol while the ex slept for the most part. Oh, & pizzas were available, an seemingly inexhaustable supply!

The worst? The mess! We tried to clean it up, but we were exhausted & the mess was huge!

The kids were still going strong as the morning light began to appear. That was a really bad idea for the adults. However, we were asked many times by our kids to do it again!

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2009

It was well remembered by all the party guests, & our boys asked when we could do that again dozens of times!<br />

Fatigue, noise, rowdy kids, messes... :-0 <br />
It all makes for great memories, though. You sure earned some points with that one.

I have to confess I was totally ignorant of the possibilities!

Aren't you the brave one! And sipping Suicides too!<br />
It's all good prep for when they are teenagers.