Need Some Advice

my husband and i were traveling on the expressway on our way home july 9, 2006 around 2 am. i told my husband 3 months earlier not to buy this h.d because he was not responsible enough, but he did any way. well that night proved my point. we were going thru a construction site and my husband thought it would be fun to swirve thru the cones on the highway. he didnt realize that the constuction side had 1-2 inch drop off!!!! when trying to get back on the right side of the highway at 60 miles per hour the back tire jerked and threw me 30 feet sliding on my face and stomach. all said and done i was life flighted to the hospital had lots of lacerations, road rash and lost all of my upper top teeth. even though i am very lucky to be here for my 3 boys, my husband refuses to sell the bike even if it causes a divorce. with that on my mind and all the motorcycle nightmares i have every night maybe someone could give me some advice.
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1 Response Sep 7, 2006

If he knows how you think about it and still doesn't want to sell the bike, then he doesn't love you enough! Throw him out of the house! And don't leave the children with him, he is really not a responsible person!