In The Epicenter

Northridge 6.8 January 17th 1994 Los Angeles California

Whoa!  4:31 am..I was jolted out of bed, power already out and only way out was to step on broken glass and trip over broken rubble, my son and I got into the duck cover and hold mode under the door-well! I was in the epicenter.
I remember everyones car and home alarms going off all at once, fires and explosions. We made it outside alive but I was badly injured, we were bruised up badly as this quake was a shallow thrust quake which is the worst type cuz it jerks everything up and down!!!!! We looked like we were physically beaten by an abuser, but not. The ligaments in my feet were torn from tripping and my right foot/ankle swelled up to the thickness of my neck!  Ouch!

The adrenaline was so high I felt little pain until about 45 min later! Anyway everyone made it out into the parking lots and the streets, none of us went back inside for days and weeks, some even months. For us we went back inside after about a week. The whole area was in rubble we had to dig our way back inside. The tropical fish and tank water was emptied and thrown about 30 feet across the room!
The National guard was called in.....CNN News crews were stationed not far off for weeks to come and the national guard was summoned in. We suffered without power for weeks.  Freeways and airports closed, what a mess.

We did have some earthquake insurance but we never fully recovered everything, and it left me with a case of PTSD that I fled the state and moved out of the earthquake zone to Az instead. Still miss L.A but don't need that drama.
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That sounds horrible I've never lived through an earthquake but I have lived through a hurricane and natural disasters do leave a nasty impact on everyone who lives through them

Lucky you missed that big quake in Mexico city in 1985

Oh I know!! I was born 5 years later.

Goodness! What a horrific experience. I believe I would have fled the state also in the aftermath.

a few million other actually did in the months following, we had to put our name on a waiting list for movers.

That problem I was bitching about in yesterdays right's from that!

I did recall when I read the ligaments in your foot had been torn. Ouch!

Yup permanently stretched also...and ligaments never un-stretch, once done it's permanent FEMA only paid for the initial emergency room injury and since I could at least walk they refused to pay more....I needed bi lateral ankle reconstruction surgery, never had it....I thought I was going to die, but if I lived my life would never be the a bad way, that is true I am still living with the after effects of that fvcken quake...I still jump sometimes when there is loud noise...etc and so on.