Changed My Life Forever!

 (this story is no exaggeration whatsoever)
My community.....JAN 17th 1994 4:31am Northridge Quake - We were in this epicenter. I am still recovering almost 20 years after! 
If you were there it was A LOT worse than this photos and videos show...A Lot worse, words and photos and videos don't say it enough.  

I lived out here and my family was living in NY

The Fat Lady has sung!  The aftermath

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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

It must be terrifying when the very earth beneath your feet cannot be trusted. We have small tremors in the Midwest. My heart goes out to you, and everyone still so affected.

Whats most scary is one never gets any notice it's about to happen..unlike every other disaster one at least has some minutes or more of the event coming.

So true, especially in the early morning hours like that. Such a rude awakening.

Yup :)