All the Abuse Caused Me to Have Trust Issues With Males.

My first stepfather physically abused me. It still bugs me to this day because although my mother and him are divorced, she still is best friends with him.

I think it's wrong. How can you still even think about even still talking to someone if they did so much damage to your child?

I mean, she knew what was going on, he always told her some (not all) of the things he did to me. One time I got hit so hard back when I was eleven that I had a bruise spanning the whole right side of my face. I had to miss school and lie to all our relatives and say that I fell off my bike.

My second stepfather was is verbally abusive. He is the reason why I left my house when I turned eighteen. Not only that, but he calls my mother names like "*****" and "*****" right in front of her children, and  I don't approve of it. So, since she wouldnt divorce him, I moved out.

An ex that I had was sexually abusive, in the sense that he manipulated me and broke me down, made me feel horrible about myself, just so he could get what he wanted out of me.

Because of all the reasons above, I now have an extremely difficult time trusting males, though I am lucky enough to be marrying someone who know what I went through and understands why I am difficult with things. It took me awhile to bulid up trust, but I have it with him, we have been together for nearly a year (and before we were together, we were friends for three or four) and I have never felt so loved in all my life, he takes the time to help me overcome my insecurities and fears and because of him, I finally have self confidnece.

WraithformsLovelyAngel WraithformsLovelyAngel
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2009