I have survived abusive relationships and realized it for the first time today after a deep counseling session and feel the need to share a few thoughts from  what I have learned today.

I left and that step itself is a choice to live and survive. Dramatic stories aside I am now healthy and with a partner that shows me love. It takes time to adapt to what being in a healthy realationship feels like and learning to allow real healthy love into your heart when you have never felt real love and your heart learned that love was something else and broke down after so many unhealthy scenarios.

If you get knocked down by those we feel love us we learn their version of love and adapt with the abuser to live it out. you aim to please and at times you get a response and its those moments that us abused have yearned for in our relationships. I takes alot to leave for so many reasons but always deep down we know something is terribly wrong here and we should run, excuses become easy to make if not made for you by your abuser.

Get help the second you can  so you wont be as easily seeked out by these predators who want someone they can mold and make into thier ideal spouce.  
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May 23, 2012