Bad Timing Exam

It's the first day of the English exam. Read a story and answer questions. Easy, right? WRONG! I look at the short story the teacher has given us. "The last spin" oh boy it's a shooting story.. As the teacher reads it to us, she can't help but have tears in her eyes. The devastating accident is so recent.. They couldn't change the story though.. I'm wearing my "smile for Fabs" pin.... R.I.P.
She's finished reading now. I'm blinking fast so that the tears will go away. "Now it's time to write your notes"
Oh crap... I can't do this. Not now, not ever. I sit there just staring at my blank paper for what seems like an eternity. I see the papers of my class mates coverd in blue ink. I've written one thing.. "Friendship"
I study the word for a couple of minutes. The word seems so..unfamiliar..
The teacher said that we could write about the death as one of our personal connections.. I don't wanna tho.. It doesn't seem right. I never knew Fabio personally. But I can tell u one thing: he always had a smile on his face. My heart is starting to ache now..
I hear pencils being put away and pages being turned. Oh no...I look at the clock. 3...2...1... *ring ring ring*
I'm numb now.. I don't care anymore I don't care I don't...I don't ca.... I miss him
ilovenellyxoxo ilovenellyxoxo 13-15 2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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I wish I could hug you right now, but nothing is forever, I know it's hard right now, but everything will be okay, you will get stronger as the Ike past by, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, your a strong person, you can pull together and remember him as you know he was a good child :) *hugs* if you ever wanna talk I'm here for ya ;)