Abrupt Life Change

about a year ago i was injured in an explosion at an aluminum foundry. my job was to clean the melt furnaces which held about 5000 pounds of molten aluminum. while cleaning the tool's welds failed and released pent up pressure built up inside the 9 foot long tool. the resulting explosion caused the tool to slam into my abdomen and bathed me in aluminum. while i knew i was hurt very badly, something inside me allowed me to pick myself up out of the puddle of molten aluminum i lay in and remove my flaming jacket and melting head gear. at this point pain had not even taken effect. i was pretty sure i was burned but was unable to bring myself to look at the damage. the first thing i had to do was remove myself from the location of the accident. while unable to breath from the impact of the tool, i limped and stumbled toward the overhead door and to fresh air in hopes of once again being able to breath. while on my way toward the door my co-worker came running and asked if i was ok. i could not speak without breath so i motioned for him to follow me. by the time i reached the door i was able to breath these tiny breaths in short bursts at a time. i lay myself on the ground outside and my co-worker asks if i need an ambulance. with little breath i tell him yes, please call. by the time he ran into the building to get his phone, a policeman pulled up. luckily he happened to turn onto the street where i lay and saw me on the ground. he did a very good job of keeping me cognitive. while not trained to take care of my injuries, i thank god he was there to keep me talking. he shined his flashlight around my body and to his horror he discovered my burns on the left hand from placing it in the molten aluminum to get up off the ground. i did not look. within minutes the ambulance arrived and quickly assessed the situation. my abdomen hurt worse than the burns. in fact, i could still barely breath. loading me into the ambulance, they radio whoever and get the chopper ready to airlift me to the local trauma center to stabilize the internal injuries. 185 miles per hour is very fast in the air. two c.t. scans later and about 3-4 hours they said i had 4 broken ribs, lacerated left kidney, lacerated spleen, and bruised adrenal gland. the scan showed my body trying to contain the lacerated organs so i was not at that point bleeding internally. i was the transported to the burn unit and spent 4 days there. having burns scrubbed twice a day is excruciatingly painful and i only had 10% burn coverage. when released from the burn unit we had to care for the wounds from home. five days later the plastic surgeon did not like the healing progress and suggested skin grafts to speed the process. two days later i had four grafts, one on the forearm, side, hip, and bottom. the hand burns, although bad were healing due to the leathery texture of my hands. while i am almost one year away from the explosion, the physical injuries seem to be healed. the mental ones though, i do not think so.

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thank you all ...

you are a survivor too,and i am glad to know you....

I admire you. I wish you all the luck with recovery. God Bless You.