Being A Teenager Today Is Tough

So a few weeks before I turn twenty I am thinking back to everything that happened in my teens. Some good but there is a lot I wish never had to happen. Not just to me, my friends too. I spoke to my mother about her teenage years and she had a very different experience but most people I know my age and younger share similar stories. I didn't really realise how consumed that I was as a teenager in such a crazy world. And at that time I never admitted it to most people as it wasn't what I felt I should. But I am going to share what I want you to talk openly with your children and younger family members about as if I knew I wasn't the only one and it actually all didn't matter I would have been a lot happier in 'the best years of my life'.

So first off I worried what everyone thought about me. I changed myself to try and fit in, I recall once saying to a very close friend who shared this fear 'I smile but I am not happy' I think I was thirteen at the time. And to think that I felt that way is sad, my friend agreed. We had a negative relationship I feel as we both discussed attempts to fit in. We dieted, we pretended, we lied, we pushed people away. What makes this collection of memories worse is that we became friends over this shared anxiety about the world and found ourselves encouraging each other more and more. I would be really ill and skinny and she would be stating how amazed she was I managed to loose so much and encourage me to carry on and unfortunately I the same to her. My family thought she was a great friend and we only spoke about this stuff alone. Therefore no one knew. If only we had talked they might have seen it, but we didn't really. Eventually I had an incident and my parent found out she had been with me so weren't happy about our friendship. I was meant to stop contact but she lived near by and in a way I till cared about her but began to see we couldn't be friends as I was in a lot of trouble for it.

Then as a sibling I found myself trying to compete with my sister all my life, I still do I guess but at least I know and know it doesn't matter. I genuinely thought my mum loved her more because she was cleverer and prettier than me. Truth is that she is cleverer than me and so makes no difference...I was very depressed every time I got grades...she was older but my results were constantly compared with hers at my age. So my mum would say 'at your age your sister was getting all As' she saw it as encouraging me to work as hard as my sister but it made me very sad. So please if you are reading this, don't make your children/siblings feel they have to compete. It turns out we have different talents. I am more chatty and a great listener. I love my friends. My sister loves books and isn't as sociable.

There is more but that is the main things.
coke22 coke22
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013