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So basically I am an a fresh break up with my fiancé. Things were rocky for a week or so then we had a huge falling out. I moved out of our apartment and held myself back from reaching out to him. That night he went out to a party but I resisted the urge to text him. He ended up texting me that morning expressing how much he missed me and loved me and even called me crying. This gave me a sense of false hope. I believed that just maybe there was a chance for reconciliation. The following day I texted him and called him only to realize he was ignoring me and blocked me in Facebook. I heard that he was tried to get with many females and is only concerned about partying. I was devasted, confused, angry. Why did he reach out to me only to ignore me the next day. I tried just searching for closure but it became apparent that I was not going to receive any. It has been a few days and I have been strong and controlled my urges to talk to him. Is he hurting like I am? He told me sleeping with another girl would just be impossible at this time however he completely changes his views in a day? My confusion and hurt is so prominent right now it's hard for me to focus on other things. Our engagement lasted only less than a year but living together and seeing each other everyday makes this seem close to impossible. I just really wonder if he is hurting like I am so deeply....
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Thank you. And unfortunately my ex was seven years old than me. He lied in the beginning saying he was two years younger which should be been a sign but I was blinded by love. I keep have the ups and downs. Im just shocked to see him acting this way. I know he was promiscuous when he was younger but I really was thought to believe he changed. He's around the age where a career and a life path should be developing. However choosing the party scene over dealing with his feelings is what is occurring. Wish I could fast forward the process of healing ya know...

Any time a relationship starts out with a lie no matter how small it is a sign that there is going to be trouble. Like you side blinded by love. I too was blinded a few times when I was younger. I was so infatuated by good looks I couldn't see the ugliness that was inside. I am wiser now. Unfortunately you are too now. It seems the most valuable life lessons come with a price. Yours caused you a lot of heartache. Hopefully it doesn't deter you from trusting other guys. I guess next time take things a little slower and be sure who you are getting involved with. It is going to take time to heal. Like I said earlier take a step back and don't date anyone for at least a month. It will give you time to start the healing process. Good luck sweetie.

First off I am very sorry that you got hurt. I am a guy and I have been hurt so I know it sucks. But he sounded very immature it may be for the better. If he was like you described I have a feeling the marriage wouldn't of lasted very long. You are a young woman and you sound like you are much more mature than he was. Have you thought of perhaps finding a guy who is about 5 to 10 years older than you? The advantage over the ex would be that such a guy would be more mature,more stable. If he comes back I don't think it would be wise to take him back. He will just hurt you again. The next time he hurts you it will be even more traumatic trust me. Don't go and get the first guy that comes along either. Take a step back and don't date anyone for at least a month. This will give you time to heal. Good Luck Sweetie.