Ahh, The Grim Reaper.

Yup, I know that guy, spoke to him more than once too. First when I was two, then when I was 8, later when I was 14, and again just last year. Bright light? I don't think so. Death looks like a fire exit door, to escape from the daily life of anyone about to die, regardless of intentions or cause. The Grim Reaper? No scythe, but a held out hand, to walk you through that very door. Not ever coming back to the life you once knew? Well, that one's true.

2- I was having a normal asthma attack, like I do after running, but it was worse when I was little. Unfortunately for me, my wind tunnels closed, and everything stopped. I couldn't hear, cry, all I could do was breathe out, not back in. My mom noticed, and next thing I knew, I was in a bright room. It was funny, because I remember looking around, eyes full of tears, no noise. Not sure why I was still alive, and a sting. A needle, maybe a horse needle, was stuck into my neck to open my asophagus back up. It was also a sedative. As I was blurring out, I saw something I knew that day I'd never forget...The red exit above the door. I was out. And haven't been back since.

8- My older brother and I were on a bike ride with our dad, and of course due to his, "do this so you learn" methods, he allowed us to ride in the street. Well, being a daredevil, I took the chances, and rode out to the street and so did my brother (10 yrs). We were riding on the other side of the street, swerving through oncoming traffic (20 mph traffic), everything. I was 8 mind you. And so we finished that and headed back home. When we got to the entrance of our neighboor hood, some people who lived in a seperate block from us were putting something in, or adding something rather. To their house. That something was, a fire exit, with the red exit light above it Our dad took us over to the house and asked why there was that sign, it was because before they moved there, their houses that he had had before burned down, and they didn't have many ways to escape. I knew what that red sign meant, and asked if we could leave, we left all right. It had started raining a little before we left that house, which wasn't really a good thing for someone biking with asthma. I started to breathe heavy, and asked if we could slow down. My dad didn't hear me, and my brother was having too much fun riding away. I slowed down because I had to, and used the brakes to slow myself. Well, with the rain, that wasn't easy, and I wasn't completely used to it, I was 8. Well, I skidded, quite some, and tried to turn out of the way of an oncoming car. I leaned left into a cul de sac, and kept leaning, until I felt something. Something sharp like rocks. My knee was scraping the wet ground and rocks. Because of that pain, I let go, and my arms started scraping the ground too. Of course a curb was involved too, it didn't want to miss out on the action, my shoelace was tied or wrapped around the pedal, as it was sliding. Um, I wasn't exactly a light kid either, so going that fast with a bike going equal speed, and only a curb to stop me, didn't mix quite well. I woke up a few minutes later face down in a pebbly puddle I realized this and got up out of it, and blew rocks out of my nose. I couldn't lift my left arm, and could barely walk. My dad came back calmly like always, and my brother was crying. My dad saw the blood, and that my face had pebbles on it, and asked the dumbest question I could've heard right then..."Hey there Evan, you okay?" I wanted to inflict pain upon him, but all I said was "yeah," and got back on my bike, and staggered back home which was only minutes away. My mom got out the alcohol, salt, and vinegar...And I'll leave that there.

14- Ha! Okay, this one was good. My bike again, (new one), was ready to be tested. Me and my neighbor and little brother (11 yrs) were riding to and fro down the street. Well, there was an oncoming van when we turned around to go back towards the house, and well, I hit it. I did go flying or anything, it had to have been going about 5 maybe 10mph, but I hit it nonetheless. My neighboor was like "dude, you okay?" that question again. I said yeah, like always, and we kept riding. I won't go into detail about that van. >.>  But, my little brother had already told our parent what happened, and they rushed out, and saw I was okay, then they went back inside. I looked back, and then forward, no cars. PHEW! Then, all of a sudden, a flash of the door in the hospital room appeared before me, and I was riding toward it. I heard someone unfamiliar call out, "watch out!!" Reality came quick, my neighboor was speeding toward me on his bike hoping we'd play our usual game of "chicken," but lo and behold, no chicken was involved. SMACK, and CRASH!! We both flew off our bikes, and I landed on the street, the hard gravel. My little brother just sighed and went back inside to tell our parents (neighboors too). Ugh, and with the vinegar, the salt, and the alcohol.

16 (last year)- My most painful was the summer of last year. Same street and all, but it was my little bro (now 13), and I. Well, we were leaving this girl's house that I though I liked, which I don't now. My little bro and I figured that it would be cool of me to show off how fast I could go on my bike in hopes that my crush would be impressed. Again, not my idea. So my little bro sped off, with his new X-Factor bike that he had gotten for his birthday, while I was still using my bike from that tragic two years ago. Well, I should've seen the flash of the door coming, which I did see, but did not expect. FLASH! Then I realized that, I couldn't pedal anymore. I looked down, and thought to myself, "Aw Jazz!" And then my chain broke completely off. My pedal broke off, and I could've sworn I was in midair, but I wasn't. With weight, my leg forced itself downward, and the chain hit the ground while I was going extremely fast, and it jerked up into my leg. I came to a stop, again, thanks to the curb, and landed in the nice, soft, loving grass. I tried to get up, but there was still one slight problem, the bike chain was still stuck in my leg. I tore it out, no tears, LOTS of pain. And went inside. I think you know what happened next. (Alcohol, salt, and vinegar. Oh, and don't forget the mustard. Weird healing combo, I know. But my mom knows these things) I got the pain out of the way, and passed out, and I saw the door in my "dream." Well, I figured, what the heck, I may as well open it now. BRIGHT LIGHT, and a QUICK FLASH OF DARKNESS, then a hand. Bony? No. Human? No. Scary? Hell yes. Being me, a daredevil, I took it. And it pulled me. I was in the room, and  thought "wow, this is what's in a fire exit?" No, that was death. I stopped breathing according to my mom. And then, I saw the figure that the hand belonged to. It was this guy. Cloaked in black cloths. Like they were knitted together, not a robe. He had two rubies for eyes, and no nose. It was a skull by the way. Skull of a dead dog, or wolf, or something in that breed. It's canines were ridiculous! Anyhow, I didn't care. I asked it, "What, did your mom make that?" It said nothing, and beckoned me to come closer. I said, "No way! In the name of jazz!" I got out this weird whistle, a dog whistle. If you've read my other stories, my pet peeves one, it clearly states that I HATE HIGH PITCHED NOISES. That freak of a creature blew it, and I woke up. From that day forward, I've not even looked a dog straight in the eyes. Or thought the same way about jewelry.

Sorry this story is so long, but when I remember these things, I have to go into detail, so it helps to understand it better. You don't really have to read it if it's too long, but feel free to comment on my days with death. :/ ^~^ Or if you have any questions. :)

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i'm so glad that ur still here striker! -hugs- please do try 2 b more careful...life is a delicate thing....& if something were 2 happen 2 u i would cry :'(

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (and wiser for that matter)

I am glad you lived to tell the stories of these days. ((hugs))