This actually happened yesterday so I might as well share it.
I'm 15 and still in school, so I was waiting for my mom to pick me up after a long day.
I saw her car across the street and I thought I heard her honk. For a moment I thought about running the long way to the crosswalk, but it was way far, and I was running late for something, so I made the decision of cutting across the street quickly.
Where I was, there was a small gap between two parked cars, so I couldn't really see. I saw a white truck pass and then it was empty, so I cut across.
Suddenly a dark maroon car sped in front of me, and the small mirror on the side of the door knocked me back a bit. I slammed on the side of the car, and the car rolled over my right foot.
I quickly walked into my mother's car, and she was crying, screaming that it almost hit me. I didn't tell her that it (indirectly, i suppose) DID hit me, but nobody seemed to notice the incident, except for this woman in a white Suburban who drove down, gaping in shock at what had just happened.
My foot was fine, however I did have a cut on my hip and I was absolutely terrified, though I managed to remain calm. I will never forget this and I'm deeply embarrassed that I was foolish enough to choose the incredibly dangerous option of running across the street instead of running across the crosswalk!
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Lucky girl... Now that you have realized, its over.. don't carry it. Just remember.. there are no short cuts..
Take care of your self and your mom.. God Blesss