What If You Want That Fish

I've been having a horrible time since breaking up with my longterm boyfriend. I'm tired of all the platititudes that people are telling me and I get especially angry when they say there are other fish in the sea, because I don't want any fish except the fish I had. The only thing that has kept me going was an e-guide that my friend turned me onto called When Your Lover Leaves You. From their quiz, I realized I was in the Hope Stage and so I downloaded the guide and it's helped me with lots of strategies for moving through this. I now know that what I'm feeling is normal, and while I might not get better overnight, it's going to happen with the support of my friends and a lot of hard work. Come on Growth Stage...I can't wait.

I posted the video of the e-guide's developer from YouTube on this site or you can go to their web page www.whenyourloverleavesyou.com
I was too nervous to post there--it's a brand new forum so I'm glad I found this site where other people have shared their stories first.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

People can be so unhelpful and don't realize how useless their advice can be and how much their platitudes make things worse. Check out the links in my story because the e-guide at www.whenyourloverleavesyou.com gave me some great ideas about what to do when people act that way.

i SO know what you mean. that /just happened to me today and i cryed so hard and everyone kept telling me there were other fish in the sea,but i didn't want other fish.