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Finally Over?

I just got this feeling today... this feeling of liberation. I am almost too skeptical to believe, but can it really be over? Have I accepted it?

I survived heartbreak. From the man that meant everything to me. I was young and in love, but was abandoned in the wake of our friendship. No explanation. No closure. No goodbye. But I'm fine now. It took a long time. I guess when you get bent too far, and when you break, you are free. Or you die. But I'm moving on, and this time, there are no tears. No false hopes. I am free from this toxic situation, and I feel stronger than ever.

Goodbye Jason. I don't need you any more.
IronLotus IronLotus 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 24, 2011

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You are right! It's going to be a month of NC for me n the jerk. I am gals I m recovering well from this toxic relationship that I had been bluffing myself to still hv a future with him. If he can just listen to the advices from his friends n abandoned me after I see him thru his jobless days, borrowing money to him, bringing him to see doc when he was weak. If he could abandon n leave me when he was at faults himself too. It simply mean he doesn't love me so why waste my tears for such a heartless jerk?

Congrats! I hope i will get there soon.

That's awesome!

*CHEERS* =) Happy For you!!