How It All Came To An End...

At the start of March. The girl of my life (Girl X) told me about her story.

This is her story:

Girl X liked Jerk Y for 2 years. June 2011, Jerk Y went into a relationship with ***** Z. However, he still dated Girl X and he promised her a LOT of things. They were happy together. But end of 2011, Jerk Y told Girl X his feelings for her faded and he liked another girl from another school. Girl X was heartbroken. Nowhere to go, no one to turn to.

After telling me her story, I started feeling that I had to protect Girl X. She was so heartbroken, it shattered my heart to see her like that. That was when I vowed to be there for her forever, whenever she needed me.

We started texting over the next month, going to get drinks and talk for hours after school. I was there for her, whenever she reminisced of her past and started crying. We grew extremely close. She said she liked me, and I had strong feelings for her too. I put my all into her. I loved her, truly I did. We got together, 17/4/2012. <3

However, it wasn't meant to be. 20/4/2012, she broke up, saying that she still can not let go of the love she felt when Jerk Y loved her. I cried, I tried committing suicide. My brother pulled me down and tied me to my bed, in case I tried to jump off a building again. My heart shattered, I cried myself to sleep every night. I did not know what to do.I still do not know what to do. I'm lost. I put my all into her, and she just left me like that. While there she is loving a guy she knows she can never get, here I am loving her. I fell down, and I do not have enough strength left to stand back up.

Jie Ying, I will love you forever...
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i hav finally understand the whole story bro. if u r wondering who the hell is namelessA, i am the same type as u and we together at the bck of class emoing.

Hey mate, thank you! I've re-read this so many times, and the impact of these words get me every single time. Truly, this three paragraphs is the Holy Grail I've been looking for! It makes a lot of sense to me, and I really appreciate that you have taken a look at my story, and given me some of your valuable time to write out this comment! You are a great person. I hope that you will be successful in whatever you do. What you typed out here, it really made me think, and it really snapped me back into place. Thank you!