3 Years And Now Her And Her Daughter Are Gone..

So Ive been in a relationship for 3 years, and we have been living together for almost a year, she has a 5 year old daughter, and I've pretty much tookin her in as my Owen.. So this is my story.

At the first of our realationship we got along with her parents really well and no problems.. But then her paparents started to try to control everything we did, everything in our realationship. And things started going down hill.. Me and her got in fights and it got to the point where she couldent even be around them her or he daughter.. So they wer allway at my house with my parents.. And my parents started watching her daughter every day while we were at work, well my mom mostly did.. Took her to school and watched her till we got home. Then one day we all got in a fight about something stupid and my girlfriend came to me and said I can't live there anymore.. So we moved out in an apartmeant.. And when we moved out her parents hated me.. Said hurtful things like we don't like him or where he comes from, said I wasn't welcome over there.. But anyways so me and my girlfriend didn't talk nor see them In over 6 months.. We lived our life and it was great.. Our relationship was awesome.. We got so close.. Her daughter started calling me dad.. Things got real..
Then after about 6 months I could see she was missing them, despite what they did.. And her mom started talking to her and this and that, and finally I let go and started going around them and stuff so 2 weeks went buy but I could still feel the hate they had for me..
So about a month ago my girlfriens best friend was getting married and I ended up getting very sick that weekend.. But I told her I'd still go.. And she said okay.. The morning of the wedding she went shopping for a dress for the wedding and told me to be ready by 1:30 so I did.. 1:30 comes rolling around And she calls me saying I know you don't feel good so I invited my mom so you can get rest.. Well I was kinda upset cause I got all dresses up for the wedding.. So I said well I can go I'm all ready.. And she just said no.. My moms going.. So I said whatever.. So the day goes by.. No texts or calls from her and then she shows up at our apartment with her mom in our living room. I was passed out cause it was 11 at night.. And she says wake up we gotta talk.. So I wake up and she says I'm packing our stuff up and leaving tomorrow.. So as confused as I was I say what why? Cause two nights before this happend me and her sat down and talked about our relaxationship and how it's time to move on and start a life together and get married, those were the words out of her mouth.. And we talked about how awesome everything was, so I was confused when this happend and all she would tell me as in why is that she wasn't happy and she wants to go back to school and she can't while living with me so she was moving back home with her crazy parents..
So this happend a month ago.. And I'm still pretty lost as in why.. I tried calling her twice and still the same she wasn't happy and wants go go back to school..
It was almost so easy to leave me after 3 years,.. I don't get it?
She changed her number and everything.. I'm lost and hurt, and very angry.. I just lost the TWO loves of my life.. And I don't know what my next move is.. I'm down and out right now I got surgery/ I had to get a hernia fixed.. And all I do is think about this all.. We wernt fighting or nothing.. And she just leaves..
Any advise on what I should do? I'm pretty sure we won't be getting back together cause I saw her with her ex at the gas station yesterday and it's her ex the little girls dad.. I'm so pissed... I dunno what to do..
Bmhansen Bmhansen
Sep 20, 2012