Maybe, I Will Survive!

Wow, right now I just realized I don't want James back.  Sure, it was fun while it lasted....ok maybe not fun (at all) the last 6 months or so for me, but, it was fun in the beginning....WHEN WE WERE BABIES IN HIGH SCHOOL...5 years ago!!!!

Anyways, I was listening to this catchy song called "I want you back for good" from the 90's (just b/c it popped into my head, was also super catchy & reminded me of my childhood) not b/c I was looking for 'I'm missing my ex gf songs' & I realized I DON'T WANT HIM BACK!!!!


First off (some things James did that I don't want my new love to do), I DON'T want a man who...

1) Drinks 6 out of the 7 days of the week. 

2) Hates my mom

3) Never hangs out w/ my family, when I LOVE MY FAMILY!  (I hang out w/ my parents ALL THE TIME!!!  I consider them my best friends!!!)

4) Doesn't want to get married!

5) DOESN'T WANT CHILDREN!!!!  ( I LOVE KIDS --- I'm going to school to be a kindergarden teacher!!!!)

6) Does crazy drugs all the time, ALL THE TIME!!!!  Ex, acid, mushrooms, lsd, pills

7) Has a Dad that I CAN'T STAND!!!!  (His Dad is a RAGING DRUNK, & does various drugs.  Ex, cocaine, acid, mushrooms, lsd.)

8) (This is the kind of mean one) is outrageously FAT!  Seriously...James has STRETCH MARKS & I didn't!!!  He weighs, probably, an estimated guess of 275 - 300 pounds!


Ok, I'm sure I will think of TOOOOONS more **** later.  But, wow, I feel better already! 


And I even got a date tomorrow.  I'm not trying to go out & get a lifelong relationship w/ this dude.  I just want to take things slow & have fun w/ this guy.  And it helps that he is very attractive.  Nice!!

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Interesting...a little mean.