Where Did We Go Wrong? Why Can't We Just Start Over?

From a 16 yeat old girl to a guy who once loved her .....
Evan, from the start we had a connection, I loved you from the very beginning and I know you felt the same. Remember that girl who was the only one, the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, the one you couldn't go a second without thinking about, yeah you said that was me, but now its her, when you told me you loved me i believed you, and I still believe you, we tried to make things work but they didn't. I had you so many times, but we just kept making the same mistakes and we never got to be together,  so we said goodbye. Then we both came back and  I told you I still loved you and you said you felt the same even while your dating your new girlfriend. Then later on you tell me that your mad at me because I make you question your relationship with her, that even though you have a girlfriend  you still love me and want to be with me, I tell you I feel the same but you still chose her, it hurt but I thought we could be friends, I was wrong. She told you to stop talking to me, and even though you love me you chose her instead cause  you said you guys have such an amazing relationship. Well if you have such an amazing relationship then why is she controlling you? why doesn't she trust you? yeah sounds like a strong relationship to me,  i still cant believe you thought it was worth holding on to. I still cant believe you listened to her after we have been through so much and you have only known her  a month. She told you to forget about me, she told you to ignore me to stop talking to me, to pretend and forget I even existed, and so you did. You couldn't see she obviously doesn't trust you since she controls who you talk to and every decision you make. I'm sorry that we couldn't even be friends, I'm sorry things never worked between us, I'm sorry that you picked her over the girl you loved, I'm sorry I wasted my time, I'm sorry I gave you everything, im sorry that even after all this I'm still in love with you. I hate myself for still loving you and longing for you after the way you treated me. I know you still love me but you torture me by still being with her, And you know what hurts the most Evan, it's that we were so close and then one day you were just willing to throw away everything! Forget about all the amazing memories, ignore me, you were willing to forget about us and forget about me, while I'm still here heart broken and hopelessly in love with you. I can't erase you and the amazing memories from my mind and im afraid I never will. We are never gonna know what could have been, it could have been us. Your the first one ive fallen this hard for, you waited for me for a year, you showed me what true love is, I feel like I'm never gonna find someone ever again that I will love me like you do. I loved you, and had you so many times, and every chance i had just backfired. So many reasons it didn't work. First time i couldn't date him, then the second time he wasn't ready, and then another time I couldn't, and another time he couldn't, etc. Every single time we tried one of us made a mistake that got in the way, we just kept going in back and forth, and in circles. A couple months ago he could and almost was mine and I blew it!  I just wish I could do it all over again!! more then anything I just wish I could go back and do it all over again,  cause if i would have done something sooner, she wouldn't have changed you into this cold and cruel person. it's killing me  inside that we could have been together, that time wasn't on our side, that you just forgot about me and everything when i know deep down you still care about us. congratulations on leaving the biggest scar on my heart, -Taylor 
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I'm sorry to hear this Taylor, you sound like a good woman with sincere emotions. I too have had my heart broken left and forgotten from one day to the next like the 6 yrs we were together didn't mean a thing. Moved on to someone else in days...hurt like a knife that's digging into my heart. A barbed knife that when I try to remove it..it just hurts more. But hang in there Taylor all this just means he doesn't deserve your love just how she doesn't deserve mines. True love is a leap of faith one they weren't willing to take with us.

If you have a moment read mines..might make you feel a bit better lol knowing your aren't the only one on that boat. (http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Have-A-Broken-Heart/2760983)

I can understand how you are feeling , he doesn't deserve a loving , caring person like you. I know y
our love is true, but you have to move on.. Don't wait for him . He is not worth it ... Because your love is sincere , you are unable to forget him , but try o find some other interest , go out with your friends , erase all his memories.try to be happy ...

Thank you so much! I didn't know what to do, it's been bothering me ever since he stopped talking to me, and I tried to move on and it's just so hard. I will keep trying to move on and hopefully soon I can forget about him, everyone tells me that he doesn't deserve me and to not wait for him but I'm sure you can understand how hard it is when you can't forget all the great memories. it's just hard to let go. Thank you so much for the advice it really helped and made me feel better :) I appreciate it. I really hope I can do what you said and be happier