İ know whats the worst thing ever...... When you love a person and you think about him all along. And the day comes you found out that he didnt think of you even one second. That i think is the worst thing. Well just know that everything happens for a reason. And if that guy cant see how pretty you are then he isnt the right one for you. And there is a reason for that guy not being in your life. And you sure should be thankful that you learned. Please dont ever ever feel down. You cannot let a one guy bring you down and you cant give that power to him. İ swear on my life that there is one guy out there who respects you,who loves you. And you will find him. İ promise
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Me and my first boyfriend and first love has broken up today. It was his desicion and I didn't want it at all.. He mentioned he wanted a break a couple days ago but it felt like a break up and I finally asked him today if were still on a break or breakup and his reply "it feels like were really over, I can't keep going on" that's all e said to end things.. Didn't have the decency to call me or even put emotion and explanation in his text.. Makes me question if he really loved me, if he has respect for me, or even thought about me in this situation at all. I know we were in love once and I wouldn't never thought he would put me through this.. He wasn't who I thought he was. I feel like our relationship didn't mean anything to him.. :/

I was at the crossroad where I missed a guy whom I should know before these ex jerk of mine. Fate had made me missed knowing this guy for the past 3 years. Do I still have a chance to meet him again as he was the one whom my aunt kept recommending to me....... i guess I jus have to leave it to god n fate. Future even without the chance of knowing this guy I know I need to move on n find my own happiness if I have to.

True story. I am glad that you can see this. I admire you for seeing it all this way. :) I love what you said. :')

I'm currently get over a heart break & this story helped so much thank you

Me an my boyfriend have lived together for a while. We have had our ups and downs. But one day he just said he did not love me anymore!? I am so hurt an devistated. Deeply hurt beyond anything I have ever felt. I am in my 30's so I am not young but I never hurt this way before. So I thought if I talked to him things would change an they did an for about a week I thought everything was fine bitHe again said he doesn't love me.I been stuck in my room I have tried to go out with my friends as he does but I don't feel right. I am so heartbroken I can't even work. I just feel like I am getting closer to death of the pain doesn't stop everyday I just get worse. I called crisses lines but they obviously have never been unloved to.say I need to just get over it.. its not that easy not at all.I wishing could just grab him an shake him or make him feel the pain he has causedMe

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