A Break Up Is Like A Diet

Most couples come together because you like each other
You eat the food you like because you like it and sometimes it isn't good for you
You start to put on weight,
In time you become closer and more memories pile on you it makes it harder to forget.

The weight isn't easy to get off,
When it gets to the point you really got to make a change to food (relationship) you have, because it's not good for you.

The first two weeks of your diet and you're dying, sticking to the heathy food is almost impossible trying not to be tempted to contact the person is like a knife if your heart

Now it's getting really difficult you've tried everything it's been months and you still Hasn't lost any weight, you're still feeling exactly the same you did a month ago about that person.

It takes months,years to put of weight, it takes those memories to build you your relationship

You can't expect to lose weight that quickly so you can't expect to get over a breakup that easy either

But when that diet is finished and you feel a completely different person and healthier. It means the weight has finally been taken off your shoulders.
Violet150 Violet150
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Great, thanks though I still trying to recover esp when I had more free time that tempted me to check into him. But putting my time more in EP seeking positive supports n words from u guys help a lot!!

Love this! Perfect to compare a diet to a relationship...

Thank you.