I am writing this story to let you know that there still are some men out there that have much pain even after they find out their girlfriend was cheating on them. I will give you a little of my story so that way one reading this will know why I am the way I am. I just lost my relationship on January 15th 2013. It was just like four months was just thrown right out the door. I know that four months is not an extremely long time, but it is the moral of the story and what happened that makes this case hurt much more than I believe it should. I was over at her apartment that night and I had lost my phone that night and was looking for it (of course.) I thought to use her phone to call mine. I asked her if I could use her phone and to call mine and find it. Well as she was in the shower I called my phone and a text message came up on here phone. That is where all the problems came pretty close to adding up to why I left on that terrible night. She had text her exboyfriend (the one before me) that she and I were broken up. I knew in the past little bit I had been feeling that something was wrong with her anyways, but she would never tell me. I kept asking here like everyday, just because I felt in the back of my mind it was getting close to being over, but I kept trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I am writing this story to you to ensure you as difficult as it is to believe I honestly never went behind her back and done anything, and this is the second time I have been done this way. So I am saying that I am over this bull garbage and I have truly learned my lesson. I often ask myself am I just that bad of a boyfriend or just that bad of material to even think of a being a boyfriend. I am just simply writing to those of you out there that have been done wrong, you still need to stay strong and keep headstrong you still have a chance to live your life. It is truly not over even if you do not have a significent other, enjoy the friends and family you already have and be thankful for the people that truly have love and accepted you for you. Do not push them away for they are the ones who have accepted you for who you truly and really were and are whether you were tall short, skinny, fat, etc. STAY STRONG FRIENDS.

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Thank you.