Never Lose Hope....

i was with a guy since i was 15 ...he was my puppy love ,my first crush ,my first love....we were together for 9 years and we were supposed to get married in summer
he was very kind,loving and extermly passionate about us always talking and planning about our future ... our relation was perfect but 3 years back things started to change...i became the giver and he was just taking it all...i gave my all...i compromised on every little bit altough we had fight but i always forgave him even he hit me but for me he was my life my i made a fantasy world thats what i like to call it now in which he was the same old guy and i started living with the hope that after marriage things will change
4 months back his school was ending and he was not satisfied with his job i constantly supported him even used my contacts to help him but he was so in the edge always complaining that i never did anything for him and i swear the only thing which was left to do was to die for last month we met normally and he was all over me telling me how much he loves me and he will make everything good etc and that same day i found out his emails to a girl (relative)in which he expressed his love and how anxious he is to marry her...he was cheating on me and he was planning a marriage ...they were supposed to get out of the country and i was suppose to know after he left.....
i felt as if i died...worse then that my heart had needles in it it hurt so bad physically that i cannot express and emotionally i was numb as if it was a dream and il wake up....i lived in a fairytale for 9 years i loved him so much but whatever happened i dont blame love for it i loved the wrong man and he broke my trust but that i stop living....i am fair faithful and true ....i killed myself for him my selfesteem everything and now i understand how wrong it was so anyone reading this ....u will heal and not only that u will realize how stupid u were and u will learn ,you will love again n trust but not at cost of ur life
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Sometimes we fall in love with the person we think they are, but not with who they really are.

I do not know if you will ever read this message, but if
you do, I would like you to read my story : "The Sheep That Turned Into A Lioness". I think you might relate,
although our stories are both very similar and very
different at the same time.

I wish you all the best.

I know how u feel . I dated a boy for 4 yrs and he married another girl which almost killed me. I am married to a wonderful man now w/ 2 great kids and 5 grands. I am very happy and lucky. I am blessed. BUT I will never forget that boy until the day I die. I am 62.
Kay Spring in Ms

im sorry about that. I know your feeling. You'll never truly get over this pain. Just like the rest of us but do try. Try to stay positive and try to love yourself.