My Battle With Heartbreak

I am still deeply hurt and devastated by the end of our relationship.We were together for 6 years and 4 months, engaged and she left me for a guy she met on Facbook that went to her school. She did this during Christmas time also and hasnt cared at all for my feelings and basically overnigt changed into another person.We had issues but nothing that would tear us apart.I thought she was my soulmate and now she will  not have any communication with me. I am deeply, deeply hurt and its the worst pain I have ever felt in all my life.

pmanning1969 pmanning1969
36-40, M
4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

I understand exactly what ur going through. I've recently been hurt by someone I grew to love and trust. But one thing I do know, is the pain is only temporary. I know it easier said than done, but in time you will find true love again. Good luck!!

i am SO sorry. I know how you feel, when someone you truly love changes overnight its one of the most painful things you could possibly experience. Those feelings of abandonment will eventually go away and turn into anger. stay strong.

Hi pmanning1969. Thanks for sharing. I am interested in creating a product for people that experience heartbreaks, especially for young people who go through these type of experiences, and feel stuck and depressed and feel their life is slipping out of control, but your feedback is mostly appreciated if you chose to give it. I want to people get back on their feet, I have experience in therapy, eastern philosophy and other stuff, and I'm doing an online survey to find out the specific problems people are facing in their day to day life because of heartbreak. Can you please tell me if you would be interested in such a product, how much money you would be willing to pay for such a product, what format would you like that product to be in (ebook, audio program, video coaching) and what would you be interested in getting out of it. Hope to hear back from you, thanks. Good luck!

oh I am so sorry... that seems so unfair, and wow, over 6 years!! such a long time. I'm going through a breakup right now too. I was with the guy for 9 months, but was so deeply in love. The pain is the worst... so unbearable isn't it? Never felt something like this before. <br />
prayers for you.