Many Times!

Yes, in my quest for true love, I did get my heart broken. Just twice, though... many guys didn't make it past the first or second date! =p

There were only two that I had truly loved... but it was all smoke and mirrors. They both weren't being their true selves and I was really in love with the lie that was created of themselves. So, my heart was totally shattered. BUT, the thing about me is, it doesn't take me too long to get over that hurt. For the first guy I had ever loved, it took me three months of crying and eating chocolate to forget him and move on. For the second guy, four months. No chocolate this time, just a really deep look into myself and what I needed to look out for, when dating.

This is the risk a person takes, when allowing themselves to fall in love. My heart may be broken. But, it's a risk I'm always willing to take. ;-)

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Feb 19, 2009