Real Life Or My Imigination

I had cervical surgery on Aug. 1, 2012. In the recovery room, my left lung collapsed and I was put into ICU. I have very little memory, almost none, of my "real" life while I was in the psychosis. I thought my daughter had sold all of my property to the hospital. Then I was in a very exclusive spa. I liked it there. I kept asking who was paying for it. When I came home, and everyone thought I was clear of the psychosis, I started being visited my dead people. It felt very natural to be talking with these people I had loved so dearly until I remembered they were dead. I could not remember how to do things I had done all my life. I could not understand the simplest directions. I told my doctor and home health nurses about these these things. My doctor took me off Ambien and put me on Lunesta and had to increase the dosage when I could not stay asleep. I devised a plan of playing mind games to rebuild my cognitive skills. It seems to be working, but I am still having flashbacks. No one can tell me when these will go away.
missippy12 missippy12
Nov 28, 2012