Not For The Faint Of Heart

I will make this short because I am really sore and basically exhausted from everything but I am happy to say I survived labor and delivery and brought two healthy children into the world.

Nobody tells you exactly how it will be for you because nobody knows how it will be for somebody else.

I read all the books and had attended a few births but it really isn't the same until you go through it yourself.

I had an excellent team of doctors, nurses and delivery coaches and am very thankful for their expertise and support.

Labor and delivery is not a cake walk. Even with an epidural you still have to do the work and push, it only helps you not to feel your legs, feet and basically anything south of the injection site.

It wasn't that it was so bad.  It really wasn't.  It was just different and I was in pain before the epidural kicked in.  Once that hit everything went very well.  It is kind of scary to be on the other side of the room and not the doctor in the driver's seat so to speak. I am relieved that everything went well and my two little ones have arrived.

I am now starting to feel my toes again.  It was strange getting up earlier today and walking without feeling my feet touch the ground.
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My GF and I just found out we are pregnant a couple of weeks ago. It's Scary but super exciting, my family isn't behind me yet, but they will come around. the biggest complaint was that we aren't married, but when I said, "ok, I'll go marry her", they said no, you don't have to do that to be parents. lol

Wow, props to you for posting after delivering twins!

My twins were delivered right after midnight. I didn't post that until about 18 or 19 hours later after I had gotten some serious rest.

Nice. I was starting to feel like a total wimp for a minute there. :)

A belated welcome to the club of motherhood, dear lady. :-)

Thank you Milkynips.

The first time was a shock. My son was so big that he stuck,I never heard about that this could happen before. I needed an EPA and the doc and nurse pulled him out violently with a ventouse. The second time was much easier and my son was 1 pound lighter.
What a feeling to hold a newborn in your arms and look into his eyes for the first time!

I'm happy I came to the hospital after you went through all that. I'm not for blood, guts, etc. I love my niece and nephew.

Congratulations on the birth of your babies. I didn't go down the epidural route, but would if I ever went down this road again, pain relief if there for a reason, lol.. All the very best to you and your husband, enjoy your new family life ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

Thank you. An epidural was a must. I am not one to enjoy pain. I've had enough of that in my life.

Thank you for sharing the experience. I'm glad I wasn't in the delivery room. I don't think I would have been able to handle it.

It was very frenzied for a while but everything worked out.

I am so happy you and the two beautiful babies are doing well and are healthy...I am so very happy for you and King, you both will be wonderful parents to two very lucky children :)

Thank you Vickie. We are so happy.

I'm glad you got through it. I know that isn't the thing for me.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I don't think I would have the strength to have twins.

I am thankful that women have children and not men. When my wife had children, men were not allowed in the delivery room. We sat outside and paced the floor until a nurse came out and told us what we had and if everything was all right. Congratulations to you. You are a strong woman.

Thank you.

Hooray! They are finally here. It is perfectly fine to just sit around and stare at those beautiful babies! Your lives will never be the same...and that is a wonderful thing.
Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Lilt, you know exactly how I feel. This is wonderful.

Congrats! I almost completely understand where you are coming from. The difference for me is I ended up with a c-section. Only at the childbirth class did the speaker remind us MANY times that there is no such thing as pain free labor. It's different for everyone that much is true. But I think people should share more. If anyone asks. No one told me about all the fun stuff after giving birth. It's quite the process. But a great reward.

Sleep as much as you can in the hospital. If you don't already, try and line up a helping hands on different days. Extra hands can be golden! I remember days where at naptime my choices were eat, sleep, or shower. Definitely not all three and I had to choose wisely because the length of naptime was a role of the dice. Twins are awesome! Enjoy them.

I'm glad you shared this, you answered the questions I had in my mind (just as a woman!)
You and King must be on cloud 9; bringing home your son and daughter on the same day... how amazing.

We're still at the hospital. I'm using King's laptop. We will be staying here for a few days. I'm not wonder woman. Labor and delivery was a bit much for me. I'm really sore.

Ah, that makes perfect sense, especially with twins. Rest up and gain your strength need some recovery time!