I Kicked It Old School Style

I am DAMN proud of this too! There are NOT too many women these days that can say that they had their babies the OLD fashioned way. I am NOT hating on the moms that haven't either. But I am very pleased with myself for doing so. I pushed both of my babies out without EPiDURAL. I had them both within 6 hours from arriving at the hospital. I didn't have a particular birth plan mapped-out. And I had them both before my Doctor arrived. I let the RN Students do the job. I breast fed both of my babies for exactly 6months. That is until they got 'chompers' (LOL XD) I had them 16months apart. I got pregnant with my son 4 1/2 months after my daughter was born :D
I stayed up ALL day & ALL night with BOTH of them for the first couple of years of their lives. I may sound like I am deliberately bragging... Thats because I am.
I am DAMN proud of what I have accomplished as a Mother. Being a parent is EXTREMELY complicated to say the least. It is NOT an easy task to take on as an individual to be 100% responsible for another fragile life & to OWN that responsibility takes 100% dedication & a GANGSTER's ♥heart♥ & loyalty. You have to be a ride or die Momma to be a good care-giver & provider. I am. If I am NOT proud of anything else in my LIFE, I sure as HELL am proud to have had the experiance of the miracle of life. To have lived the chance of what nature has offered to me as a woman, which is motherhood. Yes, labour hurts. It's NOT comfortable thats for DAMN sure. But it wasn't the worst thing that has ever happened to me either. It was probably the worst pain I have ever felt. But then again I have a high thresh-hold tolerance for pain. But out of all of the cons that I have EVER heard about maternity, it was MOST definately a 'pro' experiance. Nothing about my experiance was a 'con' at ALL. Even the terrible pain was bearable. I would NOT trade this EXPERIANCE for anything else in whole entire world. No offense to the Epidural Mommas, but ALL of the numbing feelings that the Anethesiologist-Techs warned me about scared the absolute **** out of me. Like NOT feeling my legs for up to a week (they said some women DO NOT get feeling back for up to a week).
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How bizarre that you consider giving birth and raising children a sporting competition.

I've often been told their is no feminine equivalent to "Macho". To which I always reply natural child birth - dah!!! Congrats on experiencing life.

Are you dedicating both to Satan?