(empowerment) You Are Not Crazy - Recognizing That You've Been The Victim Of Abuse

These are two links I found invaluable for understanding and escaping from the dynamics of abuse, as well as identifying abusive people and situations in general.

Abusers will almost always try and convince their victims that they're the ones doing something wrong and "causing" the abuse. It's sometimes hard to tell who the abuser is, since covert abusers will cause overt "crazy" behavior in their victims - making the victims look like the "bad guy" while they maintaining their squeaky-clean image. These sites help to clearly identify the traits, roles, etc of the victim, and of the abuser:


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wow, just thta paragraph alone was incredibly insightful, wow.

i fully understand for i am the one who has been gang stalked and persecuted for the past 10 years and i'm the one who has to take lithium for my mood disorder. I have never done nothing wrong to the people who condemn me but i do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. All i can do is rest in the lord and sincerely warn these people that they are parishing. Its continuing to rise above in understanding to maintain my character in the pressence of those who do think that they are helping me out when they are in fact preaching to the choir thats the minor aspect of it the worst is being accused of being a mass murder right after i was raped like nothing but insult to injury and in my innocence. But its constant and my mind couldn't take all of the chemical reactions so apparently i'm the crazy one who is too much of a burden to friends to have any. It's tough but in time people will see me for the real me and i will find my place in this community. And those gang stalkers will have to face god.