Its Been 6 Months

as many of you already know i joined this group almost 5 months ago and now its been 6 months since ive seen or been with my husband and its been hard and it came to the point where we didnt know wat to do anymore stay together or just end it but honest to god he was the one who fought the most to bring us where we are today...he never gave up on me ever...hes an amazin husband and ive learned so much about myself as well as him....all i know is that at the beginning i used to cry so much almost every night....but than i started to get used to being alone and just not havin anyone even though he would always call me as frequently as possible bc hearing my voice is the only thing that gave him strength to keep going in the navy....and now next friday is goin to be the first time im goin to see my baby since 6 months sounds crazy but im excited but nervous at the same time..its like im meeting the guy of my dreams for the first time...its as if that guy thats been in my dreams this whole time im finally goin to meet. its like i think ima have so many feelings all at the same goin to feel shocked, excitd, in love, crying, butterflies, heart beating faster and faster...hes my world the love of my life and im probably one of the luckiest girls right now to have him in my life bc he loves me in a way no man will will all work out me if i did it u can too...I SURVIVED MY FIRST DEPLOYMENT!!!!!!!! thank u all love u all!!!!!
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2008

I'm 2 months into the first 6 months and it feels like it will never end. This is my first experience of deployment too and although my head tells me we'll get through it, my heart aches so much.

I'm glad that you made it through! I'm also glad to hear that the crying does stop and you learn how to wait. I'm going through my first deployment and it's a lot harder than i thought. Enjoy seeing your man!!!