I So Have

It was only fo six months. I made itthrew the six months. Just by being busy. Jack was over in the Pacific Ocean. By Japan and some of those countrys. He came home last year, It was just nice that I was able to entertain him. With miss spelled words. In some of the e-mails that sent him. It was so much fun. I know that I can make it threw this year long one. Just by staying busy. I know that he will be back home next year. I have that to look forward to. Jack is in the Navy. He is going to be a prison gaurd over in Afghanastain. I just hope that nothinhg happenes to him. I know that I will miss him. I just don't want him to know how much. For I wouldn't want him to miss me that much. Then he might get hurt. Its for only a year. I will be here waiting for him to come home. To see me. And to also spend time with me.
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22-25, F
Feb 6, 2011