Not So Great Deployment

our first deployment was awful! within the first 3 months he was in iraq we were getting a divorce.. by the time R&R came we didnt see each other at all. it wasnt till about 3 months before he was coming back (gone for a year) that we started talking again about the divorce and decided to give it another go. for the next 3 months we debated on if we should be together and finally we said what the hell why not try again.... weve been back together since august/september and he has been back in the states since october.. we feel like were doing great were pregnant with twins (19 weeks) and were talking about buying a house.. the only bad thing is he just re enlisted for 6 more years.. im so happy he did because we wont have to worry about a pay check to take care of the twins.. but we do now have to worry about another deployment :( im so nervous about us not lasting throught another one. any advice out there?
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2 Responses May 5, 2011

try to pcs to a nondeployable unit, my fiance just came back from deployment in December & then pcs to Ft Bragg he is now in a nondeployable unit, deployments are strictly voluntary

Pray and find others who are struggling with being alone,you need to create,find a network of support and you have to learn to not use him being gone against him.I know its hard because i feel frustrated too.Hope this helps.