Our First Deployment.... And I Can Use Your Help Ladies!!

So my Marine left a month ago to Afghanistan and he will be deployed for 7 to 12 months... he asked me to wait and of course I agreed because I love him!! But what do you ladies do to survive?? I feel so alone and lost... :-( my girls want to take me out for a good time. And I'm good I would cheat or anything like that... I just don't want him to think I am if I'm going out with my girls... I'm always honest with him and tell him everything. I love him alot and he knows I do. I miss him alot and never let him forget it. And haven't gone out with anyone since he left. Is this what your supposed to do?? What do all you ladies do?? I keep my self very busy during the day with a full time job and i go to nursing school so i study alot too!! But I still always get that lonely lost feeling. He has been great at communicating with me when he gets a chance and i know its not that often or sending me new pics... and last wee I put together a care package which I send him too. Is there more I can do?? Because I'm only 1 month in and i have 6 to 11 months to go... please help ladies!! <3 Gary
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Im going through a deployment now as well! and im only 1 month down too! to be honest you shouldnt feel bad about going out with your friends. At first i felt the same way as you but now like it really does help it takes your mind off it and for me it works. I also like to just write him letters for when he comes back in a journal and ofcourse the care packages. but yeah dont worry you will get through it if you ever wanna talk just message me! :)

Thank you! Your very sweet. I'm almost 2 months in now and its real tough.... I still cry... and I've gone out with my friends once and it was nice but not the same... like I just wasn't in the mood to be out... I just really miss him!! And don't want him thinking I'm being unfaithful if I go out ... he knows I won't but I tend to over think things alot of times and I just don't want him to stress or think like that... guess I'm just cautious.... ugh... deployments suck!!! I just want him to come home already....

awh well you shouldnt feel bad i no what you mean i was the same way i felt guilty and didnt want to worry him but im telling you if he trusts you then dont worry about it it will make the deployment go by faster! :)

Hey! I definitely know what you are going through. I have made it through 2 full months of his deployment. I'm not quite sure when he will be returning but I know I cannot wait. To keep myself busy I make lists of what I want to accomplish during his deployment. I work out and talk to my parents and family as often as I can. I am in college and it has become very stressful the last few weeks but I stop and think about him and how difficult it must be for him. Another thing that helps me is crying. I know that sounds crazy but it really does help. Giving yourself the chance to feel vulnerable shows that your feelings for him are deeper than anything else. Keep your head up. You will do great! I'm here if you need anything.

Thanks girl!! I'm about a month and a half in and its tough... I've cried at night sometimes but that's just when i feel lonely... he does great at communicating with me which really helps!! And he lets me know when i won't be able to talk to him so that I won't worry so much. But school does keep me very busy and requires alot of studying... he told me that his time away might be cut down so I'm pretty happy about that!! But who knows about the military cuz things always change... my family and friends are great!! Such support. And love when the ask questions just so that I can talk about him... lol never thought about what I would like to accomplish while he's away... I just want to pass all my crazy tests for now.... lol but thanks!! Hope you and your man are doing good....
Semper Fi!!

And just for clarification I meant to write I wouldn't cheat. Love him so much!!!! :-)

It's dificult! I go to work fulltime and go to school. When I have nothing to do and my time is occupied by thinking of him I write him letters. I put care packages together for him (pretty crafty ones). Or I go for a run...or eat (Which is bad!). I started reading to occupy my mind. I read "The Lucky One" so I can go see it when it comes out in theaters :) Just try not to be sad. Occupy your mind.

Thanks girl I'll try.... I'm not much of a reader especially now since I have to study so much. And since he made me go see act of valor with him I won't see another military movie until he's back on American soil because I was crying the whole movie... it was right before his deployment and a really bad idea.... what kind of care packages do you send your man?? Like what can we put in them?? And what can't we put??

Well I decorate the flaps of the boxes. And make it a theme...like for valentines day I sent him one with hearts all over it and made him some brownies! You can add me fb to see them cause I uploaded pics :) my names Silvia Lara

Lol there's a bunch of Silvia Lara.