Our First Deployment

 my husband and i are on our second deployment now..the first one was last summer. we had just went on our first date then he went back to san diego. about ten days later he left on his first deployment. we had just became a couple and neither of us really knew what we were getting ourselfs into... but really who does? it was hard and we missed eachother alot but we really didnt know what we were missing. lol we barely knew eachother we just knew that we wanted to be togeather.. it was very strange but fulfilling.


now that we do know eachother and we love eachother, it feels like the first deployment all over again but way harder...

but i love him and we are very commited to eachother and i have no doubts. its just hard to carry on without him this time.. but hey, it comes from experience..maybe.. and strength(which i hope to gain).

WednesdayKalei WednesdayKalei
18-21, F
Aug 10, 2009