My husband has always been depressed. This year some events have occurred that pushed him over the edge. Last week he threatened to kill himself and I baker acted him. He came home and looked and appeared to feel great. Yesterday we got into an argument over an unfortunate choice I made to tell him I didn't want to hear the rather depressing article he was reading aloud. He snapped and yelled and swore at me and wanted to end our marriage. He then told me to get out of the house. I said no. He took his handgun and shot the ceiling and I ran out of the house. He then swallowed about 50 different kinds of pills and is now in the ICU. He is being baker acted again and said if they do he will kill himself. I believe him. I pray that those who read this know that you have to have a little faith in life to make it through tough times. He's 24 and I'm 27. We've been married two years. I pray that this won't end our marriage, but I also know that I'd he really wants to leave this world, then marriage won't stop him. I pray god gives me the strength to see this through.
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I just joined and read this. How are you today with this situation?

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