I Survived

me and my friend had been geting seriously bullied and only had each other, one night we decided maybe we should take our own lives since everybody "hated" us so much we went and bought enough paracetamol to kill the both of us we took it slit our wrists and headed home as soon as we got home though we realised quickly we had made a mistake it took me 3 hours to work up the courage to tell my mum what i had done and she quickly got me to the hospital and my blood was taken i was put on a drip and had to stay overnight my friend never told her mum until the next day but ended up fine. we both now get help from our doctors and wont be trying anything like that again. im glad i never died my life is turning around and getting better

Katiem10 Katiem10
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2010