Loving Sibling...right.

As if it hadn't been enough. After I lost my virginity at the age of twelve by my stepfather, I became a brutalized victim of a person I never thought would harm me. I mean seriously, how f***ed up could my household have gotten. I can't even begin to understand, I'll never get it, how he could think of me the way he did. I'm his sister! I wasn't a f***ing doll to serve his sick pleasures. He used to hide in my room-waiting.
The sickest thing is that it was two men. One at night, the other whenever the f*** he wanted to lose himself in me. I was fifteen, my body still changing when my brother raped me. He used to touch me before the rape actually happened. He grabbed my breasts in the back seat of the car when my mother wasn't looking and it was dark outside. Then he would take my hand and make me touch him. He threatened me and beat me more than a dozen times when I told him I would tell our mother. Whenever I did...it was WORSE for me later.

Filthy secret...it was always raw...always.
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i hope your life changed for the better.

You are so strong. If you EVER need someone to talk to, I'm here.

I understand how you feel. I know how hard it is.