My parents split and divorced after my father found that my mother had been having a sexual relationship with two of hid friends. For some time afterwards, I lived with my mother and she introduced various men to me as my new father during those years until I was thirteen.

At that time she brought a man home to live with us who I immediately felt was creepy. He seemed to habitually come into the bathroom when I was having a shower if a bath, and had would come into the lavatory when I was there both gawking at me and forcing me to finish up quickly so he could do his business.

It was a day when I was home from school as usual that he made his move when I was unable to do anything about it. I wasn't clothed and had forced me down. He forced himself into me, breaking me violently, rough and animalistic. I tried to tell my mother, but that being too difficult I told a teacher at school by telephone and she called the police.

The process of being evidence was as degrading but it did result in a successful prosecution, he was jailed for five years. He was let out after only three years of his sentence.
My counsellor had prepared me for this, and found the key to helping me survive.
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Aug 16, 2014