The Illness That Almost Killed Me

It started with a tickly cough that kept waking me up many times over several nights. I didn't feel ill. I decided to purchase a bottle of cough suppressant (being careful not to get one that also contained an expectorant). That worked fairly well for a few nights. Then one evening, out of the blue, a myriad of symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks; I mean all at once. I had headache, fever, my body hurt all over. My pulse was rapid but my blood pressure had dropped very low. (I have a machine to check it). I decided to go to the hospital the next day, but my children talked me into going a day before I wanted to. I was drinking lots of fluids, yet my body was dehydrated. The fluids just filled up my bladder and went nowhere, and the doctor said my bladder was swollen to five times normal size, as was my prostate. He said if I had waited another day I would have been dead. My blood pressure was almost not even there, it was so low. The doctor told my children he didn't know if I would live through the night. I had gained 15 pounds of fluid, and couldn't use the bathroom either way. I was catherized and put on iv's. They diagnosed me with pneumonia, said I was in septic shock, kidney failure, and the rest of my vital organs were on the verge of collapse. I was given one of the "mycin" drugs, because I'm allergic to all the penecillin drugs. The dr. said if only I hadn't been allergic, that amoxycillin would have knocked it out quickly. The lab said the offending bacteria was streptococcus. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SICK IN MY LIFE!! I was hospitalized for a very unpleasant week, and spent another 3 weeks recovering at home. My advice: If your blood pressure drops to 63/44 don't blame it on a machine error, as I did. Please, please go to the hospital emergency room. YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE. I am not kidding.
Tasmanian Tasmanian
May 8, 2012