It Started Off As An Ordinary Day

I was just entertaining myself on EP reading questions and stuff when disaster struck. Pages weren't loading right and everything seemed to be a mess. It was pure chaos! I closed all my EP browser tabs and went into the corner of my room and hugged my knees and rocked back and forth until I though it was safe to come out. Then when I logged back in everyone was talking about eggs. I'll never forget it.
rainbowdasher rainbowdasher
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I remember that day. The first day we interacted with each other in the question board. Eggs questions will always be epic and I will never forget those days cause I feel that maybe if I didn't ask those questions there is a small chance we may have never met. I love you

I agree completely love!

So there's a name for it huh? I had No idea what had happened, but glad we all made it through.