I Thought It Would Be Just Any Other Day

It's so hard to share. But I feel like I need to, for others...and for my own healing. 

Same as usual, I'm sitting at work, logged on, poking my head in every now and again.  But it wasn't the same at ALL!  I had an indicator telling me I had a new PM, and when I hit it, the resulting page was so frightening that I ran from the room in a panic. 

All that TEXT!  I know you know what I mean...just gobs of it. No graphics, no lavender/blue scheme, just a white page full of words. Once, it was just this scrolling update with line after line of stuff I just didn't want to think about, ever!  And where were my indicator buttons?  Who even knows what to do when you don't have those?

Well, I gathered my food and water, unplugged anything that might get damaged, and prepared for the possibility of a disaster of untold proportions. 

It was over quickly, thankfully, but that moment - it was one I never wish to repeat.  Thank you for this group.  I'm glad to not feel so alone.
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It was a little disconcerting and at first I thought it was just me and my blessed computer again. But thankfully it wasn't, it was EP's IT and/or engineers fiddling around it seems. lol

You were not alone. Many of us felt the pain, thinking we were doing something wrong! Thankfully, I found us a support group, and you can vent all your concerns here :) LMAO

That's a great idea. A support group! Where do I sign up? lmao

Dudette! Go to the group topic. Others may need your strength! :D

I doubt that very much! lmao

Oh, that's what I thought too, but then I posted, and here you are, taking solace.

That's true. :)

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OMG, it's back! I seriously think drunken nakedness is in order.

you are crazy tonight!

Hahaha. I'm crazy all the time ;) You just now noticed??