Here I Am Without Him

LOnely dark thoughts
another death
another friend
more hidden pain
what to do with myself
as people die around me
death was again
seems more soundly
never a moment of pain
think about how
many peoples lives wouldnt be the same
no guns
no ropes
no pills
come back
and be my superman
wont you
I cant say sorry nearly enough
I ran
and its cause you go home to her
and I go home alone
now Im playing cameron
im hurting his soul
And I cant stop
till youre mine again
please pull me outta hell
and back to salvation
i miss you
i need you
i want you back
on the edge of desperation
pull me out of the cold
outta my inner hibernation
back to you
back in those arms that stop the pain
stop the noise
and fill me with warmth
come back
PlaygirlSiNeR PlaygirlSiNeR
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013