Growing Up With Monsters


my name is 12206951

That's my prison id number.

Thats the name from which i was tormented for the last six almost seven years. For me growing up was more like growing down. from the time i was thirteen i found myself becoming more immature as children my age started to do the total opposite. Growing "down" for me started with my father, who was a incredibly powerful man within a very succesful multi-million dollar company. From the outside looking in i can see were others would see my life as "picture perfect" but like most stories it wasn't. he was a very demented person with no regard to or for anyone. my father was the type of man who thought money could buy anything. he was so self centered he made my mother call him "mr" and "sir" and would mentally torture her. All my pent up anger came to a head one night, decmber sixth 2006. two years til the day since my sister had died of sids ( sudden impact death syndrome ). my mom and dad began yelling at each other. For me it was no diffrent then they're normal screaming matches except for i knew my father had ben abusing his pain pills ( my father was diagnosed with brittle bone disease and RA ). from the first word to the first punch was incredibly fast and scary. i was terrified and so was grandfather who had come to stay with us because of my sisters memorial service. within no time my father was on top of my mother and i was scared for her life. during all of this my grandfather who has a pacemaker had a heart attack. And thats when i decided i wasnt going to watch the two people i loved the most die in one night so i ran to my closet grabbed my shotgun and let it do the talking i was always scared to do. during my trail i never had the courage to tell the judge or anyone else what had been going on in my home. i felt like it would destroy my mother more than the initial case. so for the whole five days it took for the jury to find me guilty no one spoke up because i asked them not to. for my ignorance i was sentenced to 17 years in a maximum security prison fifteen for manslaughter and two for posession of an unregistered firearm. as agonozing as that was i knew the time would come to be harder. those six years were tough, i watched a guy die over a pair of socks. but after all the time i gave to D.O.C i never changed my mind set what i did to my father is not and was not okay. one night we went to a mandatory weekly church service. not only was it the best sermen i had heard since i was incarcirated it happened to be by one of the men who lived in the same community as i did when it all took place. during the whole service i couldnt bear myself to look at him, because at the time i didnt understand what it meant to be a christian and i was afraid of what he would think or even worse say. but at some point during his service he stopped and said "there is a young man in this cafeteria tonight who took the life of his father, a father who does not even deserve that title, a man who did not know the lord, a man who waged suicide daily, a man who's life was overcome with sin, a man who's death led to my salvation" and in that cafeteria i got saved. and within 3 months my appeal had ben approved and now im here to share god can deliver you from anything. he is holier than all and greater than great he is precious and powerful. and can do amazing things as long as you let him. thank you and god bless. for all who are wondering the man who helped me find the lord has given me a place to stay he is an amzing person and man of god thank you again
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and people say miracles don't happen. I am happy that you were given another chance at life..i wish you well, and every possibility for success.

Can not imagine such a rough journey at such a young age. God must have brought you out for a purpose. Be looking for it.
May Peace find you.