Broken Hearts Don't Always Mend.

A week ago today I swallowed 46 over the counter sleep aids and drank several glasses of wine, do not remember how many, my boyfriend of 3 years after moving into a new home and commiting to a payment of $1220 a month decided he was done with our relationship, we have only been in the house 2 months,I begged pleaded tried everything I  could but the real truth was he had found someone else and was replacing me.I was devastated after 2 weeks of going without any return calls I made to him he finaly called me back and said the way he was coping was acting like I was dead to him.WOW that will push anyone over the brink, so thats where I ended up but the ride was hell.Please from my heart never attempt what I did, it is a grueling way to die,the gel caps could not be pumped from my stomach so all that could be done was intravenious fluids and catherization, the caps were leterly drying my body out, I went through 9 hours of this treatment before I came too, there was so much darkness, although I was fighting ,I saw some horrible things in my attempt to come back, until I ask God for a second chance I went through hell. I am thankful I made it, it will be a long road ahead, my whole life has changed over night and I have alot of just life things I have to do, since the boyfriend has not paid any amount of money, I have depleated all my funds so I will be moving.

My point is....find someone anyone to talk too, gosh just go to the hospitol but do not attempt what I did, it hurts your family, even though I was the one hurting then, now I have to deal with the hurt I caused them, it simply is not a pleasent thing to deal with.

Bless You if you are on the brink but take a deep breath and think first....

All my love,


gdebra38 gdebra38
41-45, F
Feb 21, 2010