Because, "confessions."

If this site cascades either into co-dependent people crying on each others and providing untrained therapy, OR losers trying to hook up with each other, I'm outta here so fast.

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You're free to create the type of relationships you want.<br />
Personally I've been on the whiny side and am grateful for my friend's untrained support, just what I needed.

Well it looks like our little friend vanished in '06... gosh darn!

Please let us know any way that we can help prevent (or cure) what you think ails the site. Give us an idea of what you want, and we will try to make the site better. PM me or let me know on the group "I want to improve the experience project"

true. this site is about "you are not alone" and "meet people who understand you". we made it what it is and most here like it for what it is and if you feel it's so pathetic then you could just bugger off and find some other side where where shallowness counts.

You sound like a d*ck


Yeah, you know, I really like this site, but some of the things I read just make me wanna tell those people "Cry me a ******* river." I wish people would just share cool random stuff about them rather than all this boo-hoo crap. Yeah, I'm kinda insensitive.

hey bro, i understand. so what can we do to turn it around?

You mean much like half your "experiences"?<br />
<br />

Well, maybe if WINNERS tried to hook up with each other, it would be at least less painful.

word brotha