Of Course, Every Time!

I worked for it so I get it! My goal is maximum pleasure for us both. When he wins, I win too.
I enjoy that "knowing" just what is on his mind and what he wants. So we begin. I hear his breath change, his body tenses and relaxes, As I work, he becomes focused ...and committed...he is going nowhere and I own him. As he nears climax he may ask if I want it. I mumble an eager assurance, letting him know that I am on task until he is done. He may tell me when he is near, but I know. As he releases, I am happily sucking and swallowing, cleaning as I work, rapidly working him from the back of my throat to my lips, until the first big pump. Then I hold still, his pen** far into place, until he has no more. . I help squeeze, getting every drop. I give him a quick lick or two to let him know that he needs to do nothing but bask. I help him with his underwear, fasten his pants and belt. Neither of us needs anything more...for now.
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51-55, F
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There's a site for every fetish, and if y
our fetish happens to be watching people swallow live goldfish, then check out goldfishswallowing.com

Wow, how sexy! Is there anything finer than a woman who so clearly enjoys the act of supreme pleasure for her man? You are a goddess!

you sound like every mans dream

my kind of woman

Communication in whatever form is the key

Both husbands and wives need to ask, and to offer!