Deep In The Mouth.

I love all of your stories about liking to swallow ***. I get turned on more about thinking of people swallowing *** than pretty much anything else. My favorite thing to do when getting head and I am starting to *** is make sure the persons head is not going to move (depending on what position I am in this could be many different things) and then shoving my **** all the way into their mouth so the biggest blasts of ***** cover the back of their throat and drips down. My wife loves it! Some other people not so much. How about you?
bornagainscholar bornagainscholar
31-35, T
3 Responses Sep 1, 2012

Every time I ******** I lick up and swallow my own ***!

I love it blow down my throat.

As long as the *** ends up in my mouth I am open to whatever pleases the man the most. I love having a **** between my lips and licking them with my tongue. I love the feeling of his *** filling my mouth. So whatever makes him happiest if fine with me so long as his *** ends up in my mouth.