My Evolution

I've been curious about sucking another guy since at least the age of fourteen. That's almost 50 years ago, but I didn't take the plunge until I was almost 50. During that time my fantasies evolved quite a bit, from a fascination with the idea of a guy blowing me, to thoughts of briefly tasting his **** first, to wondering what 69 with a guy would feel like.

As I said, these fantasies developed over 35 years and provided lots of good material when having sex with my wife or when ******* off. But the idea of *** in my mouth was not part of it. As much as I love coming in a moist mouth (sadly, my wife won't let me), the thought of *** in my mouth was offputting.

That all changed when I finally got up the nerve to act on this powerful urge, and found myself in an adult theater with a **** sliding around in my mouth. I must say that 35 years of thinking about it was nothing like the actual act! I hadn't been as aroused since I was a teenager (I actually came myself just from blowing my first ****). It felt so wonderful and so natural. I can make a lot of saliva (which I do when eating my wife) and quickly realized that keeping things moist plus tight (with lips, tongue and cheeks) plus suction (with the diaphragm) were the keys to great sensation. My partner declared me "a natural" (I had warned him this was going to be my first), which doubled the pleasure I was getting.

Anyway, 35 years of not thinking I could take a **** coming in my mouth was nowhere to be found in my brain now. When you read about a ********** "needing" the load, if you haven't experienced it you might think it's just a figure of speech. But there was no way I was going to stop before this stranger had an earth-shattering ******, firmly and deeply sheathed in my mouth. It was about my newly accepted responsibility to finish what I started. And it was about tasting the ***, which I now realized was an integral part of this act.

It wasn't long before he got his ******, which if not earth-shattering was certainly enjoyable. And I got my load. The stories of unmanageable volumes of ***** certainly seemed poetic license. I felt his **** spurting (thankfully, he wasn't so big that I couldn't take him all deeply when he started to come) by the contractions of the shaft but was surprised that the *** was so easily swallowed. In fact, the swallowing seemed to add to his sensation since his moaning increased as my throat muscles contracted.

Ever since that first glorious *******, I wouldn't consider doing it any other way.
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Well said, I too have been married most of my life, now widowed, but always have had the other urges. Actually my 2nd wife like to watch me and a "friend ", satisfy each other.