Hate to Waste It

No reason to let good *** go to waste...

purpleriz purpleriz
51-55, F
17 Responses Mar 14, 2009

please never stop thinking that way.

I like your way of thinking....... :)

I suck down every drop.

i crave *** too...I have to have it in my mouth at least twice a week. luckily my husband loves ******* in my mouth as much as I love swallowing.

Mmmm... a faceful of hot ***** is nice, too!

For me, there is almost no better feeling than my man's *** running down the back of my throat...mmmmmmm

I love to *** in a ladies mouth. It is very different than intercourse. They are both great, but different. I don't consider BJ's to be sex in the strict sense of the word.

Protein Cocktail! (No pun intended) Is good for a body. Wouldn't mind a daily one to keep my engine running.

I will keep that in mind...lol

Mistress, it's nice to meet someone with the same "tastes"...lol...

Why spit it down the side of the car at 100mph? If it dries, it wont easily wash off.... I know....lol

Guess this is where I *** in....lol

I am feeling very special right now...and thirsty! lol ;-)

Why thank you hotguy!

Damn, I like the way you think, purpleriz... ;)

I have always swallowed...when I was younger, I didn't like it as much. As I've gotten older, I find I enjoy it so much more and sometimes crave it. I'm not sure if it is the taste or the way it feels going down...

You make me smile!