I Swam Naked At The Ymca,infront Of My Mom And Sister.Summer of 79.

YWhen I was 8 years old my mom told me I had to take swim lessons at the Ymca,and I had to swim completely naked with other naked boys and clothed girls. When we got to the Ymca my mom ******** me down to my underwear,then she let my younger sister remove my underwear,when she did she was looking very close at my penis.Then the swim coach came out too the pool ,she was a female. And their was fifteen boys standing completely naked infront of our sisters and moms.The the swim coach had us boys get into the pool. The she got into the pool and had all the boys do back floats,She did one boy at a time.I remember her having me lean back,then she put hand on my back then one hand on my bare bottom the lifted me up ontop of the water and was my little penis in veiw for everyone to see,when the coach was done with part of the lesson, she had all girls join us in the pool,and the boys had to stay completely naked because of Ymca rules was all boy must swim naked.The girls swam in their swimsuits.Year 1979.
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I doubt it

Maybe we should go back to those days. Boys today are much too shy about their bodies, many of them will not even get naked in an all male place like the changing room at the swimming pool. Perhaps young boys should be taught not to be ashamed of their parts by making them swim naked again like the good old days.

were there other boys in the class?s also around 8, or was there a range of ages? Any boys past or in puberty?

it is good that your mother let your sister undress you, it is good for girls to get used to boys bodies, and it is good for boys to learn not to be shy in front of girls.

great comment

I agree Homesparky. I'm the youngest in our family, and did not grow up shy around my mom and my sister. My sister is 4 1/2 years older than me. She helped mom with bathing me, dressing me, and taking me to the bathroom. When our family went on road trips, mom brought along a 1-quart jar so dad wouldn't have to stop if I needed to pee. When the time came, I would stand up on the back floor of the car, my sister would lower my pants and underwear, and aim my pen1s into the jar. She continued to help me after I probably could have done it myself as mom wanted to make sure that we didn't spill urine in the car. By the time I was 7 or 8, I could hold the jar by myself while my sister supervised. It never bothered me to pee in front of the rest of the family when we were traveling or at home. We only had one bathroom, so I grew up never closing the bathroom door to pee so other family members could use the sink or bathtub anytime. I also swam naked in our backyard pool until I was about 10 years old. I've never had a problem with being naked. Once I reached puberty, mom insisted that I be more private in the bathroom, especially when we had visitors.

WOW! I want to believe this, and if it was just boys naked and girls not, maybe I could. Even the year is not illogical, as the changeover occurred slowly in different parts of the country. We had nude swimming at college into the mid 1970s. Where I find this difficult to understand is WHY would a swim instructor do this "floating" lesson ONLY with the boys? If the girls were there for instruction they would have also participated.

Easier yet, here's a link that will take you there.<br />
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Thanks I will check that out.

Holy Crap! As late as 1979, eh? Our junior and senior high non-co-ed swim classes had boys swim nude as late as 1974 (indoor pools) and girls had a uniform one piece red swimsuit. Years later, I asked the head coach why this was, and he shrugged and said that was how the school board had mandated it for as long as he had worked in the school system. He started in about 1950 and retired in about 1980. That's just how our society view boys swimming...nude or not at all. Girls were permitted swim suits.<br />
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I only recall once when we lined up nude in the boy's locker room to file into the pool, and when the coach unlocked the door and we all started to tumble into the pool room, we discovered the girls were already swimming there. A big scream and bodies backing up, before the coach blew the whistle and got control of us. We all were freaked out by it. It was a simple conflict in the schedule that someone had overlooked. Fortunately, I wasn't in the front of the line, but I know many 8th graders (advanced development) who were, and regretted it. (Use your immagination!)<br />
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So, what community was your school located in? Mine was mid-Michigan.

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So, what state or community was this in?


It wasn't unusual for a few mums and sisters to be present during the young boys nude swim classes at the Y. But this was only up to age 12 at the most. After that age no females were allowed inside the pool area.
I took the swimming lessons till age 10 and don't remember any boys over the age of 12, or any who had pubic hair yet, though penises were of all shapes and sizes, with female relatives watching in the bleachers.
At that age we didn't care who watched, with only about a few boys at the older age who looked a bit embarrassed being naked in front of the females.
The instructors were also females for boys of that age.
This was in the 60s which was probably a more innocent time than today. I don't know how the watching females felt about it, especially the girls our age or the sisters in their teens. I remember some boys had aunts or older sisters accampanying them to the lessons.
I suppose the worst bit was when we had to line up next to each other for roll call facing the bleachers. We were usually about 15 boys in the class, from ages of about 8 to 12. That's the way it was and nobody thought it was anything unusual about it.

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I have been doing some private research on this topic. It seems at times they had a shortages of male instructors so female instructors on occassions did instruct younger boys up to 14 which is astounding for a country like USA. Mothers being present was not unusual nor was female siblings being brought along by the mother. Makes sense logically as mothers still do transport kids to their various sporting events and younger siblings were dragged along due to necessity.<br />
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Untill reseaarching the topic I thought at the very least many of the stories I read about this was made up but some guy did serious research going back to Victorian times and this male nude, feamle clothed swimming thing is for real and did not seem to end untill sometime in the seventies generally and went on into the eighties in some parts.

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I wish that society wasn't so uptight. At least there is a clothing optional beach nearby where anyone can go without clothes. It's great to swim nude.

Thanks for your great comment I agree.

Your name isn't Gyro, is it? You look like him!


A nice, fun story!

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This story took place in 79 thanks for you comment.