I moved to the USA from the UK back in 1973 when I was 23 years old. At the time I was single and working for an engineering company that had sent me over to help set up a new operation in North Carolina. I had a girlfriend that I left in the UK and found I got very bored in my free time.
One day while driving through Charlotte I happened to pass the YMCA and decided to check what leisure facilities they had with thoughts of maybe occupying some of my down time there.
They had a full gym complete with sauna, steam room and pool. I took out a membership with them and told the person at the desk I would go home to get my bathing suit and would be back later that day. He told me that would be fine if I wanted to change into workout clothes but not to bother with a bathing suit because the sauna and steam were generally used nude and all bathing in the pool was to be done nude.
I must admit to being somewhat surprised at this revelation mainly because I had found the US to be somewhat conservative compared to the UK. I have always considered myself straight but must admit to having a secret fetish for communal nudity in showers etc although at that point in my life my own personal experiences of this had been pretty much limited to school gym showers and experimenting a little with a school friend (another guy).
As well as being surprised I confess to feeling more than a little tingle of excitement at the thoughts of being nude communally again.
I left that day without trying any of the facilities but would be back the next day to experience my first nude swim.

To be continued
Limeyx100 Limeyx100
Aug 18, 2014